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A.I. - Artificial Intelligence: Original Motion Picture Score
1. The Mecha World
2. Abandoned In the Woods
3. Replicas
4. Hide And Seek
5. For Always
6. Cybertronics
7. The Moon Rising
8. Stored Memories And Monica's Theme
9. Where Dreams Are Born
10. Rouge City
11. The Search For The Blue Fairy
12. The Reunion
13. For Always (Duet)

The Polar Express

1. The Polar Express -- Tom Hanks
2. When Christmas Comes To Town -- Matthew Hall and Meagan Moore
3. Rockin' On Top of the World -- Steven Tyler
4. Believe -- Josh Groban
5. Hot Chocolate -- Tom Hanks
6. Spirit of the Season -- Alan Silvestri
7. Seeing is Believing -- Alan Silvestri
8. Santa Claus is Comin' To Town -- Frank Sinatra
9. White Christmas -- Bing Crosby
10. Winter Wonderland -- The Andrews Sisters
11. It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas -- Perry Como
12. Silver Bells -- Kate Smith
13. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Claus Lane) -- Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters
14. Suite From the Polar Express -- Alan Silvestri

Troy: Music From The Motion Picture (Score)

1. 3200 Years Ago
2. Troy
3. Achilles Leads The Myrmidons
4. The Temple Of Poseidon
5. The Night Before
6. The Greek Army And Its Defeat
7. Briseis And Achilles
8. The Trojans Attack
9. Hector’s Death
10. The Wooden Horse And The Sacking Of Troy
11. Through The Fires, Achilles . . . And Immortality
12. Remember - Performed by Josh Groban with Tanja Tzarovska

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