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Here are some questions that people have asked me about Josh Groban related topics. I have answered these questions below.
What's all this Mroof stuff with the Llamas?

Several Grobanites were in a chat room once yet nobody was chatting, so a Grobanite typed in "Crickets Chirping" to comment on the silence. Another Grobanite in the chat room decided she didn't like Crickets Chirping for some reason, she wanted Llama's chirping. Then another Grobanite typed "Mroof", as if a Llama was saying that. How does this ties into Josh Groban? It was merely spoken in his chat room. (from:

Now it is a joke with the Grobanites. We say it just to say it (Mroof) sometimes. Now the llama is the mascot for Grobania and Grobanites.

Where did you obtain the pictures of the Closer promo pictures?

Someone posted all of them on the FOJG (Friends of Josh Groban) message boards. I find a lot of my pictures from the boards. There is a forum on the message board for just Josh pictures. I use that forum a lot to find the pictures that I want. People post a lot of them there.

I was wondering how I can become connected to the people in my area for he next meet and greet?

The Meet and Greets that I have seen are for mainly before the concerts but there are sometimes Meet and Greet's for Grobanites who want to get together in their area. You can pay attention to the message boards, and see if there is one in your area. You can start a thread asking if there is anyone in your area. There are also Yahoo Groups for Josh Groban fans of different areas.

Where can I find a Josh chatroom?

The main chatroom for josh I use is at this site. Although I mainly chat about Josh on instant messengers, I find other Grobanites on the message boards to talk to.

I was wondering if you knew the best place to search for Josh pen pals or something.

For pen pals you can go to, go the message boards, and just start a thread asking if anybody would be interested in being pen pals. I am willing to be a pen pal for anybody that wants one.

How do you become fortunate enough to actually meet Josh or get his autograph?

Well it's only just pure luck that you are able to meet Josh and get his autograph. Like being in the right place at the right time, and winning a contest.

Does he (Josh) ever stick around after concerts to meet and greet or sign autographs, take pictures etc?

I can suggest that you can try to find out where Josh's buses are parked and after the concert go to where they are. He will most likely stop on his way to the bus to sign some autographs. You can take pictures of him as he is going to the bus and signing autographs.

What's the whole monkey tree Xanadu thing? (or whatever its called? - you're a pooh???) I am so confused!

Monkey Tree Xanadu - is what Josh said at some concerts when many people in the audience were all yelling things out at the same time and he could not understand what they were saying. So Josh said that it all jumbled up sounded like "Monkey Tree Xanadu" to him"

I am an avid fan of Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban and I was wondering if there is anywhere, I could buy this DVD with both of them on it or was he a special guest at a live performance?

Josh as far as I know just made an apperance for the Sarah Brightman - La Luna (Live in Concert) (2000) DVD for the song "There For Me" which if a beautiful song I don't know if you have heard it. This DVD has the song on it. I believe that song is the only part of the DVD that Josh is on. The DVD can be found at and at probably at stores with a large music and DVD collection.

When was Josh Groban on Channel One News?

Josh Groban was on Channel One News on November, 15, 2002 as a Guest Anchor. You can see the interview, pictures and question and answers from Josh Groban's Channel One appearance.

If you have any question about Josh Groban or anything topic related to Josh Groban feel free to e-mail me and ask. If I don't know it I am sure I can find it out.

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