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Here's the News we've all been waiting to hear.

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The JGF wristbands are available for pre-order through

They will sell for 2 for $5.00 or 10 for $20 only. In the future they will be sold individually at the Meet and Greets.
For the first 1000 wristbands ordered the S&H will be free, thereafter the cost (TBD) will be added to the cost of the wristbands. They should be available for shipment in approx.5-6 weeks.

The wristbands are 8",100% silicone. Youth sizes may be available inthe future. The color and design were chosen by Josh.

The Josh Groban Foundation supports children in need all over the world, through contributions to the arts, education and healthcare. Contributions have already been made to the Zamimpilo Orphanage, Save The Children, Operation USA and Mercy Corps.

Thanks to Val and her team, Cindy, Ping and Kats for your help in making this project come true.

Let's all support Josh's Foundation by proudly wearing these wristbands


P.S. Please share this info with all your Grobie friends, especially those who are not FOJG members, since no info can be posted on currently.

Made by NCGrobanFan (Rachel)