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Verona, NY 1-22-05

I don't post much but these quotable quote are making me smile, so I'll add one or two from Turning Stone.

Josh (About Alejate) : We decided to do this song in Spanish...
Audience Member: Woo!!
Josh: Yeah, Spanish! Caliente! (Pause) ... I'm a dork.
Submitted by: lorilovesjosh

I just love this one. Josh said he had a birthday coming up & that he was getting old. Then he touched his cheek & said "wrinkle" in a sqeaky voice!
Submitted by: Lavio

Tampa, FL 01-25-05

Josh said how he was glad to be back in Tampa and how he had just been there last April. He looked out at the audience and said, "My, how you've grown!" He also said the audience was "rambunctious." (You betcha!!)
Submitted by: cutelilgrobanite23

A fan brought a t-shirt up to him that said, basically, that the Grobanites loved him and he loved them....his comment, after "thank you," was along the lines of "This is an 'Aww shucks' moment." The audience loved it!!
Submitted by: FloridaPat

The Whole "Bite Me" Thing was related to a T-Shirt a female fan in the front row gave Josh before one of the songs that had a gator on the front and the words "Bite Me!" printed above the gator. He held it up so he could read it, then turned it around so we could see it and said something like "Bite Me? Hmm... That's Naughty, Naughty!" Then he gave us a trademark smile and placed the shirt on the piano.
Submitted by: cutelilgrobanite23

Also, before Alejate, as Josh was doing his usual introduction, a bunch of fans started screaming "I Love You, Josh!!" and other things so loud that Josh stopped and answered them, causing him to forget what he was talking about! He said, "What was I talking about again?" A Lot of us (not me because my voice was gone by the point!) screamed "Spanish!" and Josh said, "Oh yeah, Spanish! This is Alejate!"
Submitted by: cutelilgrobanite23

Fort Myers, FL 1-26-05

There were not many glowsticks "glowing for Vincent and at the end of the song...he called out to everyone "get those glowsticks up..get them up"" and he pushes his hands in the air...

Orlando, FL

Everybody kept yelling out "I Love You Josh" like every time he would pause. And then at one point it was really silent and so Josh like whispers a screaming voice into the microphone "I love you josh" to himself like he is being stupid and then he answers "Well gosh, I love you too" It was hilarious! And then somebody was giving Josh the devil sign, you know the rocker hands that they give at rock concerts and josh is like what does that mean and Lucia says something like its the devil sign and Josh says " Wow now I'm getting the devil signs at my concerts".
Submitted by: GrobanCrazy

Atlanta, GA 2-1-05

Manly voice from the back of the arena yells "We love you Josh"
Josh says "I love you, too Sir. Go Hawks." Somewhat uncomfortably
Submitted by: CurleyQz

He mentioned going to Theatre School. People were yelling "yea for theatre school" and Josh was saying we understand. "We're in a club," he said, "I'm a theatre dork... (pause) but it paid off. :: cheers:: and I still wear the dorky glasses, I just wear the contacts on stage."
Submitted by: CurleyQz

"13,000 people saying the same thing at the same time forms a beautiful language all of its own--one I'm desperately trying to learn, I promise"
Submitted by: CurleyQz

The best line of the night (or at least the most remembered) was probably when he said "Cool Beans" walking away mumbling and then said .. "he told himself that he would never say "cool beans" out loud but here he was saying it before 13,000 people. Then he continued on with "Cool Beans...Cold Beans...Hot Beans”
Submitted by: CurleyQz

He said, "You guys are happenin'". "That's what my dad says". "This crowd is happenin'!" He commented that he blushes when he gets compliments and said that he's a dork.
Submitted by: CurleyQz

He made up a new word. He described the band as "scrumptulescent"!!! True spelling unknown.
Submitted by: CurleyQz

He also made a great reference to the Glowsticks at the end of Vincent. Something like "I see them waving, wave 'em if you've got 'em"
Submitted by: CurleyQz

Raleigh, NC 2-4-05

Tariqh in the leather pants in Raleigh. (crowd cheers) Raleigh the leather pants capital of the world!
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

Troy a great movie you should see it!
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

After standing there for a while holding the mic stand and not saying anything, he said: "I'm molesting the mic stand." He stopped backed up and held his hands up.
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

My birthday's coming at the end of this month I'm getting old, getting too old for the music business.
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

Introducing Carsuo:
This song is a song that I've loved ever since I was a kid. I now know what it means, well I've learned since then what it means.
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

We got some screamers out there (does some high kicks) screams make me kick (more screams then he does some more kicking)
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

Raleigh you're a great crowd!
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

"Light sticks" Josh does a waving hand motion as if he is waving a light stick. (crowd cheers and waves light sticks more)
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

Patty (peytonsmom) in the front row holds up a sign it said: "Flap me Josh" (Josh read it to himself)
Josh: "I've never done that before"
Patty: "Yes, you have"
Josh: "That's scary"
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

Who our there has a special someone, a significant other, a spouse, a friend with benefits? (looks at Zach) Zach doesn't mind that one. Who out there has nobody, just broke up with someone? Well this song is for you!
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

Patty (peytonsmom) ran up to the stage with a fan that had writing on it, Josh reads the fan.
Josh: Oh start it off with a compliment (reads the fan to the crowd) "You Rock Josh!" he turns the fan over and reads the other side: "Can I have a hug?" (Josh then gives Patty a hug and hands the fan back to her)
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

I'm stalling
Submitted by: NCGrobanFan

"I feel flippin' awesome!"
Submitted by: trisham

"Patient, patient Raleigh"
Submitted by: trisham

"so full of love you're making me gag."
Submitted by: trisham

Norfolk, VA 2-5-05

"Patient Patient Norfolk"
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

"Who here is from Richmond?" (a lot of screams fill the arena) "I'm sorry you know why"
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

Emma a 7 year old girl walked up to the stage and held up a heart shaped sucker that said "Hug Me?" on it. Josh kneeled down to take the sucker and asked her, "What's your name?" she said, "Emma" then Josh said, "Oh Emma" Josh then said, "I need to get her up here." Emma's mom Kirstie came and lifted Emma up on the stage and Josh gave Emma a hug.
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

"I know Virginia is for lovers, but who out there had nobody?" (people in the crowd cheer) "this one is for you."
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

Alicia (entaoed) went up to the stage and hands Josh a sailor hat and a sailor shirt. At the M&G before the concert everyone there signed the hat for him. Josh takes the shirt and hat, me and others start yelling, "Put it on, put the hat on." Josh put the hat on, the crowd cheers. Josh salutes the crowd. Josh then walks over to the piano and puts the shirt and hat on the piano, then says, "I respect all the people serving over seas"..."So how far are we from the Naval Base? A lot of different answers come from the crowd. I heard 10 minutes, which could be true. Then someone yelled out what sounded like 47 or 14 minutes. Josh couldn't understand either he said, "What? 47 feet?"
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

When introducing the band:
"Eric Holden the Pac Man champion on the bus."
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

"I don't want to go!"
Submitted by NCGrobanFan

NYC 2-11-05

"be cool my babies, be cool"
Submitted by: Brlliantdisgu1se

"Too much koolaid out in the lobby tonight... that's ok I had some too."
Submitted by: Brlliantdisgu1se

"Ladies...I didn't shave tonight...I'm scruffy." the whole place went crazy when he said that.
Submitted by: Brlliantdisgu1se

Everyone was screaming and cheering and Josh just laughed and said "You know I still have another song to do!"
Submitted by: Brlliantdisgu1se

Cleveland, OH 2-14-05

Josh says to the crowd "Happy Valentines day" and he looks at Tariqh and say" Tariqh has been calling himself chocolate kisses all day I donno why." he pauses as he looks at Tariqh cracking up and say " you need to stop" while looking down kind of shaking his head.
Submitted by: JGrobanGirl

Hershey, PA 2-15-05

In response to the shirt I had thrown up on stage, which had a llama on the front: "It's just a llama...ya know, your everyday household llama!"
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

"I got so much chocolate given to me backstage, I've been eating it..." (motions hands over mouth, puffs cheeks as if stuffing chocolate in his mouth) and mumbles, "showtime in 10 minutes? I'll be right there" and gives a thumbs up.
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

"Gee, I'm gettin' marriage proposals! I'll marry you, you, and you! But after the show...we'll ALL get married after the show! I've got 10 fingers!"
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

After someone yells that it's her birthday, Josh tells her happy birthday, then someone says "it's your birthday soon, too, Josh" and he goes, "Oh yeah, when's my birthday again?" Of course, everyone shouts February 27 or in 12 days! He says, "Yeah...24...any 24-year-olds in the house?" People scream. He shouts, "LIARS! Or maybe there ARE 3,000 24-year-olds here!"
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

"We've never been to Hershey...but we'd love to come back. I know Cher's been here like 3 times on her farewell tour."
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

"Yeah...I'm not at that stage yet where I can hear all these 'I LOVE YOU'S' and just ignore them...I'm just like I LOVE YOU, TOO...I LOVE YOU MORE!!" As he was saying it he was grinning really big and kinda dancing around...
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

"Lightsticks...the soft rock version of the lighter..." Then added something about not having any fire incidents yet.
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

Saying to the people in the front row: "You guys are really close..." The people in the front row motion for him to come down off the stage and Josh mimics them and says, "They're saying yeah, 'come down here.' (Security wouldn't let them get up...until Josh said: "Can I at least get a high-five?"
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

When Josh was given a trophy and a jersey, "Aww, I'm getting gifts already? I got an award (he didn't realize it was supposed to be a "Grammy") and a jersey with my name on it!"
Submitted by: LeapLuvsJosh

Milwaukee, WI 2-19-05

"I seem to have a frog in my throat, so all you people in the front row will be the first ones to catch it and sell it on E-bay!"
Submitted by: Dorlamb

When presented with the cheesehead "I feel like I have cheese in my throat tonight"
Submitted by: Brynnifer

Discussing the Josh dress-up doll in the paper "Speaking of reading.....oh, you've already made it into a shirt" Something about there being a "Semi-naked me". His favorite Pirate Josh "Arghhhh" "And it wasn't even a fan who did this!"
Submitted by: Brynnifer

"And I am Super Josh. I have to save this, I might need it later tonight" - In response to tshirt from a fan.
Submitted by: Brynnifer

In response to Lisa's teddy bear "Is this for me? A get well gift? Can I have a hug? Lisa is so sweet..... I kiss the bear and throw it back out"
Submitted by: Brynnifer

Minneapolis, MN 2-23-05

Everyone was screaming at him...and he said "I can be just like my second grade teacher...I'll wait! *pause* I'll wait! *pause* Alright, recess for you!
Submitted by: Joshinya

" we are in Minnesota...home of the
Timberwolves...*prawwwrrr*" and he let out the sexiest growl-purr I've ever heard, complete with
hand motions!
Submitted by: Cara

Fan brings flowing to stage
Fan: "Put that flower in water!"
Josh: "Yes, Mom! (Imitates scolding Mom voice and puts hand on hip) Now
if I come to your house and see a wilted flower..."
Submitted by: Cara

"Where are you all from?"
Fans shout different places all at once
(Imitating auctioneer) "Blibbergattifabitgaddablah...SOLD!"
Submitted by: Cara

Fans screaming non-stop again
"I can wait. I have nowhere to be. (smacks head) Oh wait...the
Oscars..." (which took place 4 days later)
Submitted by: Cara

"I feel like dancing! (big smile) Can you tell I had candy before the
Submitted by: Cara

"Geez it's cold here. Kinda makes me want to grow a nice winter
Submitted by: Cara

"I sang a song for the movie 'Troy'--No, I wasn't in 'Troy.' That was
(low, sultry voice) Orlando..."
Submitted by: Cara

Runs to Stage Left: "How's everyone doing over here?"
Fans scream
Looks to Stage Rights: "Exercise!"
Dashes to Stage Right: "How's everyone over here?"
Submitted by: Cara

Peoria, IL 3-2-05

He said the thing about being able to spit on the front row and "I can almost touch you...almost" and let someone come up and shake his hand.
Submitted by: jenscott

Someone brought him a tshirt that said, "You drummed your way into our hearts in Peoria" or something similar, before he did the drum he said, "So much for surprises!"
Submitted by: Jenscott

The funniest thing that happened in Peoria was right before Vincent. Tariqh and Josh were there, on stage and Josh was bantering (I have no clue what he was saying) and Lucia just sort of dances up and hops and lands right behind him, very innocent and childlike in her little hop. It was cute. She smiles and Josh says, "Lucia, do you have something you wanna share with the class?" She quietly tells him she was getting a drink and spilled. He says loudly, "You spilled? Well, it's ok to tell them! There's only 10,000 people out there!" and points in a semicircle across the arena. She was so funny and giggling about it. Josh got a towel off of the piano and said something like, "Here, we won't look" and he stationed himself right in front of her, as if to block the audience's view while she was toweling off.
Submitted by: Jenscott

Louisville, KY 3-5-05

Josh was very playful with the audience. He said, "I went to my bedroom," and the audience went wild with that, "to go to sleep." "Shouldn't go there," but the bedpost must've moved three feet because I got a bump in my head." "So if anyone here is from the Seelbach Hotel, this one's for you."
Submitted by: Belle

Pixy sticks were given to him and the funniest one was the mask of Josh that he sported. He said, "You keep that!"
Submitted by: Belle

"Cards" (for Louisville Cardinals), then the Kentucky (UK) 'Wildcat' fans made their 'boos' so Josh said, "ok...make a mental not mention rival teams..."and the audience just burst out.
Submitted by: Belle

Fort Wayne, IN 3-8-05

A lady came down to the stage with her little girl, and Josh says & I "Hello, Little One, What is thy name? Mommy woke you up to come up here didn't she?" *gives autograph* and then says, "Mr. Rodgers."
Submitted by: Luigilula

And talking about Broken Vow, he said, “It’s a sad one but a good one, don't go dumping anyone!"
Submitted by: Luigilula

Someone yelled out, "How's Beyonce?" in reference to the Oscars. Josh replied, "She's fine, thanks for asking." Also, he talked about how is birthday was on the Oscars and how he sang with Beyonce. He said, "My birthday was 'bootylicious'."
Submitted by: Eirinn

New Orleans, LA 3-11-05

Everyone kept yelling "I love you...etc... he responded by saying" I love you too" back, then he said "I am not cool enough to ignore that yet"... He also called himself a dork.
Submitted by: melissafraser

Las Vegas, NV 3-19-05

When the fan (who was it?) handed him the fire extinguisher and he held it a few minutes and then said "ummm no" and put it on the piano...then said in a funny voice, kind of sing songy "awkard"....but it was more like "awwwwwwwkarddddd"
Had to be was adorable.
Submitted by: Mosarski

Josh was talking and a girl was standing by the stage and Lucia pointed her out and Josh goes "oh we have a visitor" and heads over to her and asks her name and she tells him and just stands there.....and he says "what can I do for you" and finally she asks "can I have a hug?" of course Josh stands there like he has to think about it and he goes "oh of course" and bends down and hugs her.
Submitted by: IceDancer323

He got so many scarf's as gifts...and as he was picking them all up and putting them around his neck he said something like "too bad I live in LA" hahahaha
Submitted by: Mosarski

San Antonio, TX 3-15-05

Someone came up to the stage for an autograph and asked, "Will you sign this?" He said, "Sure, there's no one else here."
Submitted by: Jslssp

Phoenix, AZ 3-17-05

Josh: "Uh... My mic pack fell off! Tariqh, here, help me out."
*bends over in front of Tariqh*
*looks at audience awkwardly*

Josh: Lucia, what is that clamp-violin thing?" (after she clamped one hand on her violin)
Lucia: *laughs*
Josh: "Well, now I just look stupid..."

*Kimmy held up a sign that said "Josh Groban Rules The Universe"*
Josh: "I rule the universe?? Well.. now I'm just cocky!"

*puts stuffed monkey on top of hat, which is on his head*
Josh: "To complete the ensemble..."

Josh: "You guys are hyper! 'Should I prescribe Prozac, Josh?' 'No thanks, I'm performing for Phoenix tonight.'"

Girl: "YOU'RE SEXY!"
Josh: "You're sexy too!" *closes eyes* *tosses hair from side to side in slow motion*

Another girl: "WILL YOU MARRY ME??"
Josh: "Well.... *looks around*.. we ARE driving to Vegas tonight... you could come with!"

Josh: "How's everyone doin’ in the back? And what about the sides? HOW'S MY ORCHESTRA DOING???"
Orchestra: "WOOOO!!!" *waves violins/violas in the air*

Josh: "I'm not Orlando! He steals all of my roles."

Josh: "Look at me, scrambling around in front of 15,000, grabbing my presents like a little kid. This is quickly turning into....... awkward."

Josh: "I could act like a gorilla. *acts like gorilla* Then whenever you guys get bored I could say, 'Hey, there he is again!'" (That was just weird, you guys.)

Josh: "EXERCISE!!!!" *runs all over stage*

Josh: "Where'd my hat go?? My hair looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket! It's bad to have bad hair days in front of 15,000 people. I look like a Muppet."

*holding stuffed frog that says "kiss me, I'm Irish"*
Josh: "Kiss me, I'm Irish"
*sneaky look on face
*turns around and sneaks a kiss from the frog, trying not to let us see*

*takes off hat*
Audience: "AWWWW!"
Josh: "It's a long concert! Don't worry. The hat will be back. I promise. Unless I get something better..."
Audience: "Awwww....."
Girl: *hands Josh a necklace*
Josh: *funny look on face* "Oh, all right"
*dons necklace*

Josh: *looks at front row* "We all have LETTERS in our hands! Let's see, what do they say? Will..... you..... take.... me.... to....... my....... p...r....o....PROM! How old are you??"
Girl: "EIGHT."
Josh: "Well, we have some time. We can work on it. She's so cute!"

Josh: "Yeah... I'm not cool enough to NOT acknowledge my fans. Like, '*applause* Yeah, whatever... Now here's another song. It's from the seventies. You... may know it."

Josh: "Here's a factoid for you. Four years ago, I performed the national anthem in this very arena. It was fun! ....That's the end of the factoid. .....GO BASKETBALL!!"

(Keep in mind that I'm paraphrasing because MY MEMORY ISN'T THE BEST, though I think I remembered them all... and it was slightly too dark to write anything down ;D)
Submitted by: lifeisgrood

Made by NCGrobanFan (Rachel)