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The morning before the concert, Setting up for the M&G, visiting will call, M&G, the concert, and the after concert high.

At about 6:30am my Mama and I get a phone call to our room from Buttons and Alicia (who had a room facing the Scope). They called to tell us that they noticed that some where in the last hour or so that Josh buses had arrived outside the Scope and that they were going to go outside and look at them and take pictures of them, and wanted to know if we wanted to come. My mama didn't want to go. I at first didn't want to go I wanted more sleep,(at this point I had about an hour of sleep) I then changed my mind and got dressed really quick and met them across the hall at their room. We grabbed all our cameras and went outside. We took pictures of the bus. Alicia had her video camera. We noticed while we were out there that the sign for the Scope was turned back on and there was 3 three slides on their sign advertising Josh's concert that night. The first was just a picture of Josh an old picture at that. The second said "Josh Groban Live" then the third slide said; "Tonight February 5, 2005" We took pictures of the sign with the Josh slides. There were three buses and they were all running. We though about how easy it would be to just walk across the street and knock on the door, or just walk in. But we didn't.
By this time, we couldn't take the freezing wind any longer. We then headed up to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. In the restaurant, we picked the table that had a great view of the Scope and the buses. We all got the buffet for breakfast, which was very good. While we were eating, I noticed a man leave the first bus and walk back to the Scope. Then the second bus left when it got to the intersection it turned right towards the Scope. Later a man gets off the third bus and gets on the first bus, and then the first bus drives off. This buss didn't turn right, but from where we were sitting we couldn't tell if it went straight or turned left. Our view was blocked by the rest of the hotel.
After breakfast, we went back to our rooms to rest some. I lay down for about 30 minutes but I didn't go to sleep. I got up and put the CD of Josh songs that I got at the Raleigh M&G in my portable CD player and sat down on the floor by the door of the bathroom with the bathroom light on to work on remembering some more Raleigh concert quotes. I had to use the light of the bathroom because my Mama was still sleeping.
After a little while, my Mama was up and getting ready. While she was doing that, I decided to go take a walk to the lobby of the hotel. When I was about to leave I saw a girl standing in the lobby with the 2nd year membership FOJG T-shirt on. So I thought she must be a Grobanite. I then went over, introduced my self, and found out that she was Kelsey (TheMarchingGrobanite). I had found out earlier from Buttons and Alicia who were on the FOJG boards earlier that morning that Kelsey was one of the winners for the Norfolk concert. I was really glad that she won and the winner was someone that I knew. Kelsey and I had become friends by AIM. It was really good to meet her in person. We chatted a little bit about getting THE CALL. She had to go meet he mom for breakfast so she left, then I headed back to my room.
By this time, my Mama was finishing getting ready. When she was done, we went up to the restaurant so she could have breakfast. I took Mama to the same table that I ate breakfast with Buttons, and Alicia. When we looked out the window the third bus was now gone. After breakfast, we went to the 5th floor to check out the Nations room where the Meet and Greet was going to be held.
We then went back to our room a little later around 11:30 or so we go visit Buttons and Alicia and then we decide it's time to get the Meet and Greet stuff out of our vans and take it up to the Nations room. Mama volunteers to find a place and get the balloons for the Meet and Greet blown up. After finding the balloons, we got them blown up. Getting them from the florist to the meeting room was somewhat of a challenge because of the wind. It was hard to get all the balloons in the van then once we got back to the hotel to get the balloons out of the van and into the hotel without them deflating too much because of the temperature changes. I waited in the lobby while Mama went to park the van. While I was waiting a man walked and asked if I was the balloon delivery girl, I was assuming that he meant from a florist so I said no. He then asked is there a birthday I said, "No but there is a party up stairs." Mama came, and we went upstairs to the Nations Room. We helped set up some, then we decided that we should go check on the concert quote book that Jimmy Johnson was suppose to have Josh sign and have them left for me at the Will Call office.
We drove over to the scope since there was a cold wind blowing and it would be quicker, Mama let me off at the main entrance of the Scope, because there was no where for her to park. I finally found where to go to find the box office. I had to go down to the parking garage level. When I got down to that level I saw a sign with directions to different places to go I misread the sign and turned left when I should have turn right. But when I turned left I saw Josh's bus and a bunch of 18-wheelers in a closed off part of the parking garage. I tried the doors to the closed off area, but they were locked. I then turned around and I went the way I was supposed to go. I found the Will Call office. They did no know anything about the concert quote books that I was suppose to pick up. They then sent me to the Box Office. They also didn't know anything. They told me to come back and hour before the concert stated.
I left and I went back out but this time I went out through the driveway of the parking garage, so I could find the entrance of it again to show Mama the bus. I found Mama; I told her that I had accidentally found Josh's bus. We drove into the parking garage and took a few pictures of the bus. Then we went back to the Radisson. We went up stairs to tell Buttons what I was told about the concert quote books. One of the concert quote books was suppose to be in the auction at the M&G.
Mama and I then realized the time and that we need to go change for the M&G and the concert. After we changed, we went back upstairs to finish helping setting up for the M&G. After getting back up to the M&G room, I realized that I somehow forgot to change my shoes. I had decided to wear my blue jeans to the concert with my orange sweater. Since I didn't change my pants I didn't think about changing my shoes. My black boots looked better with my outfit and made it dressier. On the way back down to my room, I found Terry. She was looking for Buttons' room to change in. I told her that Buttons was still up stairs and that I was going to my room to change my shoes and that she could change in my room.
After getting back up to the M&G room, I took my job at the sign-in table. I wanted to work at the sign-in table one because I made the nametag that we were handing out and two because I want to make sure I could put some faces with the screen names. I worked at the sign-in table with two Judy's, judyinva and JoshedinVA.
The M&G went by fast. It was then time for me and Mama to head back over to the Scope and check on the concert quote books. We first talked to the people at Will Call they still didn't know what I was talking about so they this time sent me to Guest Services. Guest Services was more helpful. They didn't know what I was talking about either but the lady there sent for the event manager. While waiting for the even manager Jeff, Josh's videographer happened to be walking by. We got his attention and called him over to us. We quickly explained our problem to him and he told us that he would try to find Jimmy for us. When the even manager came she took down all the information that I told her about our problem, and told me that she would find Jimmy Johnson and then for us to come back right after the concert.
We then found out way to our seats. Fourth row is really close! We were sitting two seats away from the two Judy's. Those seats were supposed to Judy (judyinva) and her husband Bob's seats. But Judy's sweet husband Bob, gave up his seat so his wife could sit with her friend for the concert.
While waiting for the concert to start I spotted Kelly (kellymh) and Brianna (bridriz04) they came over and talked for a little while. Since the two seats between me and Judy (Judyinva) were still not taken Brianna decided that she would see if the that if the seats were not taken after the opening act she and her husband would move up to the seats. Brianna also tried to sweet talk to security guard into letting her move to a closer seat. That didn't work. The seats that were between Judy and me eventually were filled.
Before the concert started my Mama was over talking to Buttons her seat was on the 1st row but farther to the right than we were. Mama comes running over asking for a Sharpe because Chris Botti is at the side of the stage. I give her a Sharpe and head over there too. My Mama got an autograph. Emma Kirstie's seven and a half year old daughter came over to the side of the stage too. Earlier that day Emma got to go backstage and meet Lucia. She got a violin lesson from Lucia; she got to go on the tour bus, and to met Zach and Eric from the band. Emma was able to spend 40 minutes backstage. Her mom didn't even get to go backstage with her. When Emma came up to the stage, I moved to the side so Chris could see her and I pointed to her and told Chris she plays the violin. Because I knew from what he said at the Raleigh concert that he love kids that were in to "real" music. Chris then looked at her and said, "Oh you're the violin girl!" I'm assuming that Lucia told Chris about her time with Emma.
It came time for Chris Botti's concert to start. When it came to the time in his concert where he play's "My Funny Valentine" to a little kid he picked Emma. Emma was sitting on the front row with her mom. When Chris was introducing the song, he talked about Emma. He said that she plays the violin and that she got a violin lesson from Lucia earlier that day. He then asked her how old she was and she told him 7 and a half. The laughed and said "Well then I'm 42 and a half" then asked, "When how old are you when you stop saying the half?" Emma started to say something when Chris started to continue introducing the song. Chris said, "Hold on she is answering me." He listened while she answered him. He then told her answer, "A thousand." Chris then said, "I'm a little under the bar then." Chris then finished introducing the song. He then looked at Emma and said, "This song is for you." He got down off the stage, stood right in front of her, and played the song to her. It was such a beautiful moment. After the song, Emma gave Chris a hug.
After Chris" concert was over there was an intermission while the setting of the stage was being changed. I saw Emma and her mom at the row behind me talking to some people and I went over to day hi. Emma looked up at me and asked, "Do you want an autograph?" I heard her wrong at first and I thought I heard her say that she got an autograph. Then I thought about it and asked her "Your want to give me an autograph?" She said yes. I went to my seat and got my notebook out of my purse and a Sharpe, and brought it back to her. She signed it To Rachel From Emma she drew a straight haired smiley face and she also dated it. After I got Emma's autograph I got a picture with her.
I then took my seat and the concert stated soon after that. The Norfolk concert has to be the best Josh Groban concert I have ever been to. The crowd seemed to be more into it. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire concert; I just wanted to be closer. I was already closer to the stage at a Josh Groban concert than I had ever been being that I was in the fourth row. During the concert when Josh was introducing a song, Emma walked up to the stage with a heart-shaped lollipop that said "Hug Me" on it. Emma held it up to Josh. He took it, read it, and then asked her name and she told him. Josh then said I get to get her up here. Emma's mom Kirstie got up and lifted Emma on stage. Emma then got a hug from Josh it was so sweet. You could hear the audience awing.
At another part during the concert, Alicia who was sitting in the front row handed Josh a sailor shirt and a sailor hat. At the M&G before the concert, a lot of us signed the sailor hat for Josh. "Sailor Josh" was also written on the hat. When got the sailor shirt and hat others and I started yelling, "Put it on, put the hat on!" I wanted to see the hat on Josh. Josh did put the hat on. The audience cheered. Josh then saluted the audience. He looked a little embarrassed wearing the hat. (After I signed the hat I put the hat on, so I wore the hat before Josh did.) Josh then walked over to the piano and put the shirt and the hat on it. Josh then said, "I respect all the people serving over seas." After a pause, "So how far are we from the Naval Base?" Many different answers came from the audience. I heard 10 minutes, which could be true. Then someone yelled out what sounded like 47 or 14 minutes. Josh couldn't understand what they said either and he said, "What? 47 feet?"
At another part of the concert, when Josh was introducing a song in front of the piano which put him right in front of me. Josh took a step forward and he must have walked into the flow of wind from the fan that was at the right of the stage. Because when he did both flaps of his shirt flew up, making for one huge flap. As instinct, I and every other female Grobanite around me screamed with excitement. Josh didn't understand why we all screamed, he seemed to though it was something he said, and was confused, until he noticed the huge flap. Josh then ran for cover behind the piano, leaning down on the piano propping his head with his hands. Josh was really embarrassed. It was really funny how Josh ran and hide behind the piano.
When the concert was over Mama and I made our way back to the Guest Services desk. They told me that they talked to Jimmy Johnson and that he said that Josh hadn't had time to sign the quote books yet. The told me to write down my address and that they will mail them to me. After I did that Mama and I wet up to the parking garage, to the area where I had saw Josh's buses parked earlier. The buses were in a closed off part of the garage. A lot of the group that we had come with was there too. After we got up there Mama realized that he left her sweater at her seat. She went back to get it, I waited at the Guest Services desk area. Our group went up to the street where they thought Josh's bus would exit when it left. When Mama got her sweater, we went there too. The security guard that took Mama back to her seat told Mama that Josh had already left. But after waiting at the bus exit for a while we saw a pizza delivery car come out of the exit. We were then led to believe that Josh and his group were still backstage and now relaxing and having pizza.
After a while, we all gave up. Mama, Buttons, Angie (Buttons' niece), Sharron (Buttons' sister) and I when back to the hotel. We went back to our rooms and put all of our stuff up. We then went to the karaoke bar that was in the hotel hoping that they were still serving food, but we got there too late. We then decided to have pizza delivered to us. Mama and I went to the hotel's front desk and asked for a place that delivered pizza and they gave us some coupons with the pizza places phone number on it. We decided on what to order and Mama made the order. We all then went back to Buttons' room to wait for the pizza.
While waiting for the pizza to come, Buttons wanted me to tell my story of winning the BSP and meeting Josh and she wanted to video tape it. I really don't know how much of it was actually tape, because we were all really hyper from the concert it was about 1am by then too. Angie stopped the tape at some point because the conversation drifted to subjects that she didn't want her mom to know about. Finally out pizza came, and we finally settled down and went to bed. It was around 3am I believe when we went to bed. The next morning we all said out goodbyes and left.

Made by NCGrobanFan (Rachel)