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February 3, 2004, I started a website called, "My little piece of Grobania" I started this website because I wanted a way to show how much I love Josh Groban and his music. I have had people tell me that my site is their favorite or one of their favorite Josh Groban fansites. Although that was not my intention when I started this website, it is a good feeling to know others can enjoy it as well.

I wrote a speech about Josh for my public speaking class last year in college. The speech was called "Why people should listen to Josh Groban" For the speech, I interviewed many Grobanites. I received an "A" on my speech. This semester my speech professor used my speech on Josh as an example for his class. I have a copy of my speech and interview results on my website.

Last Halloween there was a costume party at my college. I went to the party as a "Grobanite" wearing my eight Josh buttons and two name tags from the two M&G's that I went to before both concerts that I have attended. I also wore my yellow silk rose from my concerts. I wore my Closer Tour T-shirt, while playing Closer playing in my portable CD player. I had a program from a concert, ready for Josh to sign, and also made and wore a barrette that said, "I love Josh." I won the prize for Most Unique Costume.

This past Christmas I sent Josh a homemade Christmas card. I found a card that I liked, but it did not fit the only envelope that I had, so I decided to make a card and write in the one I was making. To make the card stand out, I decided to color the envelope red and green. I also sent the card the second week of November to make sure that he got the card in time for Christmas. To be honest, Josh's Christmas card was the only Christmas card that I sent out.

After attending my first Josh concert in DC on March 27, 2004 and hearing the funny, and interesting things that Josh said while in concert, I began to wonder what else he said at other concerts. I began a thread asking for concert quotes. The quotes started pouring in, and I started collecting. When this tour came around, I knew that I was going to attend two more concerts! This means I will be going to two more M&G's. I wanted to contribute something to the charity auction at the M&G. I then got the idea to turn my collection of concert quotes into a book. The concert quote book is called "A Collection of Josh Groban Concert Quotes from 2004." The book is 77 pages and has color pictures of Josh periodically throughout the book.

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