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How has Josh Groban and his music affected/changed your lives?

Below is what I asked the people I interviewed. I interviewed them by asking on message boards and through Instant Messenger. I don't know any of these people in person.
The questioning on through the message boards

I have to write a persuasive speech for my public speaking class. I want to do it on Josh. The topic would be why you should listen to Josh Groban. I need some help from y'all to make some of my points. One of the steps that I have to use in writing my persuasive speech is: show how the issue can impact your lives.
This is where I need you help. I need y'all to answer the question "How has Josh Groban and his music affected/changed your lives?" You can give me as many answers that fit the question. The more responses I get and the more answers I get the better I can use this research in my speech.
Thank You,

The instant message interview questioning:

-Can I get your help with something?
-I'm working on a speech for my public speaking class. I want to do it on Josh; it has to be a persuasive speech. -My title would be Why you should listen to Josh Groban?
-I'm trying to get information from fans by asking "How has Josh Groban and his music affected/changed your lives?" think u can answer the question for me?

The impact of Josh Groban
From a personal viewpoint, Josh and his music have brought a true joyfulness to my life. Listening to his beautiful voice never fails to lift my spirits. The community of Grobanites brought together because of this extraordinary young man has been a blessing to me, and has introduced me to wonderful friends. Hearing his gorgeous Italian, Spanish, and French pronunciation has renewed my interest in other languages, and has been very beneficial with the new song I'm learning in Italian in my voice lessons. Navigating around his websites and saving pictures and wav files has increased my computer proficiency. I am always glad to "exude Grobanation" at every opportunity! I'm sure there are lots of other ways that Josh has had a positive impact on me. Josh--a precious gift to the world. May they all know him!
-Harriet in NC
I just wrote about this on another thread but Josh has really done wonders for me. All I ever wanted in life was to be a Mommy but years went by and it never happened and I would get more and more depressed. A couple years ago, I was in the deepest depression and feeling sorry for myself. I just couldn't pull myself out of the darkness and my husband decided to take me to NY to a book signing where I got to meet Josh and also got to hear him sing live. The whole experience was surreal. One thing is I have a lot of health problems but some how I managed to feel pretty good the whole trip with no sleep and lots of walking. Normally one day of that and I wouldn't be able to get up but I was fine. I almost got out of the line to meet him though because I have a voice disorder where I sound like someone is strangling me all the time. It's humiliating and I also throw up when I get nervous so at several points I nearly got out of line. I figured if I didn't humiliate myself with my horrible voice I would do it by puking on his shoes!
Then it was my turn and to my surprise I didn't throw up and my voice was clearer than it has been in about 15 years! He made me so comfortable that I was able to speak clearly! I think I was almost as happy about that as I was about meeting him! It proved to me that when I set my mind to something important I can do it no matter how scary it is.
That was all I needed to pull me out of my deep depression and the minute we got home I started looking into ways to make my dream of becoming a Mom come true. We were called 4 months later and asked if we would be interested in taking a beautiful baby girl who was 4 months old. Only problem was she was also 4 months premature and had many health problems. Everyone told us not to take her but I got that same feeling about her I got that day standing and talking to Josh. I just knew I could do it and we called and told them yes.
The first few months were really hard with all her health problems. When things got really bad I would listen to his music and remember that I also didn't think I could talk to him and yet I did! I did a lot of praying and had faith and my beautiful daughter Brianna will have her 1st birthday party today!
She's our miracle baby but I honestly don't think she would be here had I not heard Josh's music and went to meet him in NY. I hope I can meet him again some day and tell him thanks for his part in helping me realize my dream. I didn't think I would ever have a happier, more amazing day than that day I met him until the day I walked into the NICU and saw my baby girl for the first time and the nurse told her to wake up and meet her new Mommy and Daddy!
As you can see, Josh has helped me so much. When I hear To Where You Are I think of my deceased parents and it helps and when I hear You Raise Me Up I think of my parents and also my baby Brianna who's made me the happiest Mommy on earth. Had I not heard that beautiful voice and gone and met an even more beautiful person, I know I would have sat home depressed and never did the research or filled out the endless paperwork to get our baby. When a voice can change someone's life that much it's surely worth a listen! My voice was only clear that one 3-minute period of time when I met Josh and I still cannot explain that. All I know is I was miserable, sad, depressed and having a hard time finding a reason to go on and than I hear that beautiful voice and it set everything into motion for me to become the happy, content Mommy I am now!

I've loved music since I was two. I'm 65 now. In August 2003, I was walking past my TV one afternoon when Oprah was on. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the most gorgeous voice that I have ever heard! That one hearing lead to so much more for me. I've never been anybody's FAN, not even Pavarotti's. Josh opened so many horizons for me. I've taken up my Romance languages again with a passion. I've always loved them. I'm going to Italy in October all by myself, and then next spring I'm going to France!
This very morning my very own Estonia grand piano was delivered. Am I in heaven or what?
-Arlene P

This is an easy one for me, so I'll be glad to put in my two cents worth...
I truly believe that Josh has a gift (from God) for touching people's hearts through his music, in ways that are almost indescribable. I really think he's inspired somehow to choose songs to record that will impact people positively. Let me explain...
When I first heard Josh singing "Let Me Fall" it moved me so much. Something in that song spoke to the very core of me. I had been wanting to pursue a graduate degree for almost 20 years and had allowed fear of failure to keep me from doing it. When I heard "Let Me Fall," particularly the lines: "Someone I am is waiting for courage... the one I want, the one I will become will catch me." and "There's a moment when fear and dreams must collide." - the words triggered something in me and I knew the time had come to face those fears and move forward. If that song had not come into my life, I don't know that I would have found the courage to pursue that dream. I'm now completing the pre-requisites I need to apply to grad school. (Wish me luck and say a prayer that I get accepted!). I later heard Josh say somewhere (in an interview I guess) that he had to fight to have that song included on the first album. It meant all the more to me knowing that. Then... as time went on and I was at the point where I could actually apply to grad school, all those fears came over me again and I questioned whether I should really be pursuing this. Well... just when I needed it most, Josh's music came through again. Closer was released and there was "Never Let Go." When Josh sings "Face the truth to realize all that we can be... torn apart by rage and fear, hold on to what brought you here, and don't let it go. Never let go!" - I'm telling you, it's as if he read my mind and my heart and was speaking directly to me in those lyrics. The fact that he wrote this song makes it so meaningful. It just confirms my feeling that God uses Josh to heal, inspire, encourage and otherwise change people in positive ways. I thank God for Josh and am so happy that I have his music in my life, giving me a shot in the arm just when I need it most.
I hope this helps you with your report... Josh's music does change lives!

It all started when I saw Josh on Ally and I fell in love with his voice. Then I bought his CD for my mom for Mothers Day and she adored it. She soon became ill with heart failure and many complications from her diabetes, renal failure and everything else that goes with it. She was admitted to Hospice and of all the music in her collection; she always requested that I play Josh. He had such a way of comforting her... and myself while I was at her side. She started feeling better and had to be moved to a nursing home for 8 more months until she passed away. During that time, my siblings traveled from out of state to see her and they would always make sure Josh was in the CD player before they left to go home so she could listen to him. When she passed, I told them that we should play his music at her memorial service. We all decided on To Where You Are and the Prayer. During that time while our mom was sick, we all became much closer to each other. I know that Josh's music had an affect on us all and I thank him for that. There isn't a time when I hear To Where You Are that I don't cry but it's also comforting to know how it made her happy to hear him sing. Sometimes I just feel like she's here listening right along with me. That is how Josh and his music affected and changed our lives.

Josh came into my world about a year and a half ago. For the past 2 years, I've been struggling with a lot of stress, tense emotions and a sense of "dullness", and Josh has touched me in a way that I can't even begin to describe. Where other people have been trying to "reach me" by just using little encouraging phrases and words, Josh's music alone has brought me to tears when I felt like I was going to have a mental breakdown, but it also gave me strength as well. Whatever the situation, I just light a few candles, turn out all lights, and just have Josh playing on my computer, and I just relax.
I still don't understand why people act like they aren't touched by his voice. I was moved beyond words when I first heard him, and am continually amazed.
God Bless You, Josh!!!

I got to know Josh when he was in Ally McBeal but his music really helped me during my last year in the University. It was the most stressful time of my life. There were problems on top of problems and the pressure to excel. Sometimes I was so frustrated that I would throw my notes across the room, break down, and cry.
Then once out of self-preservation, I thought to listen to Josh since it was slow and soothing. I never would have thought that his music helped my through a dark period. Whenever I was down and frustrated, his music soothed me and helped me think more clearly.
It was listening to Josh's voice that cleared my mind enough for me to come up with my honors thesis. I suppose you could say that I owe my degree to Josh. Without his music, I wouldn't have made it. Even today, his music still soothed and whenever I'm down and out, I would listen to him sing...

Well, he has not had a huge effect on my life, but he still has.
I have a bit trouble with nerves and so I tend to try and get lost in things to escape reality for a bit. Josh's music helps me do that.
His voice and music is the music that has made it possible for such a long time. The music makes me feel better. The music does also have another effect: I do usually not cry when I listen to music, but sometimes Josh brings the tears to my eyes and I feel a lump in my throat. It is good lying there crying to his songs, especially when you have kept it bottled up and Josh is the only trigger you can find to get the glass to break.
I remember it touched me so much that I had to turn it off once. lol, I was in a mood where I was set to that I did not want to cry and my heart to ache.


Josh and his music have had a profound impact on me in many ways over the past couple of years. And the benefits continue...
-When I was in a high-stress job, he quieted my nerves. The music soothed my soul, and made the world around me seem even more beautiful.
-Every time I hear To Where You Are I feel a lovely peace as I feel more connected to my Dad, who himself had a beautiful singing voice. I miss him very much, but the song reminds me that we are still together.
-Now that I am no longer working due to a layoff, and spending more time with my husband, Josh's music is bringing us closer. Jim has developed a deep appreciation for Josh, and it gives us something in common. (We are so different from each other. )
-Also, it is because of Josh and his music that I came to know the Grobanites through the boards. I wish I could tell you how much it means to me to be able to share back and forth with all of the Grobies from different walks of life, young, old, and in between, and I feel grateful for their acceptance of me. I really have a deep affection for my fellow fans. (You people are beautiful.)
-And the amazing thing is that when my heart is filled with serenity and peace from listening to Josh's music, I go out into the world and it somehow spreads to people I meet.
Keep smilin',

Because of Josh's beautiful voice, my life has changed. Josh's music is so relaxing, so beautiful and soothing. When I'm depressed which thankfully isn't as much anymore all I need is to listen to Josh's music and I start to fell better. Listening to Josh's music when I'm stressed also helps me, it relaxes me. His music also helps me if I'm in a bad mood or I'm upset or mad, the music calms me down. His voice is so beautiful it makes me happy.
Josh's song "You Raise Me Up" I feel as though I can dedicate that song to him.
When I am down, and oh my soul so weary
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be
Then I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit awhile with me.
You raise me up so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up to more than I can be.
I have made many new friends from message boards and chat rooms. These friends are great we always have at least one thing in common; we all love Josh Groban and his music.
I also want to learn Italian, Spanish, and French, so I can understand what he sings in those languages, as I understand him when he sings in English.
No singing voice has ever affected me this way before.

Josh's music brings together people of all different ages, nationalities and interests. We all come together with a passion for beautiful music. Through Josh's music, I've 'met' friends from all over the world. Many seem so different from me and are like no one I've ever met before, but because of our common interest in Josh, we've gotten to know each other and are now very close friends. They're there for you when you need someone to talk to - at all hours of the day and night. To me, Josh's music isn't just about the music, but it's about the friendships it created.
It shows you that different peoples around the world can move past their differences and not only like each other, but love and respect each other. Josh's music helped open up people's minds to new things, new people and new music.
- Jordyn

Well, I have a greater appreciation of music in general now because of his music. I was never really into classical music, but his mixture of classical and pop and whatever else he throws in there has caused me to actually give it a chance, I guess. His songs are soothing. They are great to listen to when you just want to relax.
- Heather
Well, once I fell in love with his voice, I became a Grobanite, which brought my obsession with Josh to a new level! If I hadn't found Josh, and hadn't become a Grobanite, then I would have missed out on meeting and becoming friends with some of the most welcoming, and all-around nicest people I've ever met. Also, his music (not to sound incredibly cheesy) is what I like to listen to when I am just overwhelmed with stuff, and I just like to get away by turning the CD up very loud and just listening, without any distractions.
Well, it hasn't really changed my life per se. He has an amazing, soothing voice that I like listening to, and which calms me down from time to time, soothes my jitters and things, but I wouldn't say he's changed my life in a dramatic way. I appreciate having his music around and available to listen to whenever I want, and I never lose a chance to share his gorgeous voice with people around me, but that's it. A fabulous voice coming out of an adorable young man.

He has helped me to listen to more types of music and branch out in my musical tastes... he's also inspired me to practice singing more and all the instruments I play

Josh has not only affected my life but he has saved my life. I have said this many times before but it is the truth. If it wasnt for Josh I wouldnt be here today. To make a long story short when my mother died in my arms in my living room I hit rock bottom. I had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. My strength died that very day. The day after this happened I discovered Josh from a friend. The minute I put the CD on I lost it. I cried until I couldnt anymore. He has helped me so much in that little bit of time more than anyone had in my whole life. He gave me a place of escape a place to go where no one can touch me or hurt me. His words wrapped around me like a blanket that comforted me. There is no doubt in my mind that Josh is angel. He saved my life and I can never thank him enough. I know I will never get my mother back but Josh helps me deal with that fact. I still stand strong and say that Josh is the reason I am still here today. I love you Josh!

I've just recently been introduced to josh and his music! Already I'm noticing changes in my attitude, appearance and even my eating habits! You see, I wasn't a very happy person and its hard for me to say this but I was not to long ago I was suicidal. I used to bottle my emotions up and just try to put my best foot forward for everyone but I just felt all the intense emotions build up inside me! I refused to cry, I refused to talk to anyone. I even tried to hurt myself. I have this very good friend, he's my best friend and he always listens to Josh, I never wanted to I usually listened to korn, disturbed and other hard metal bands! Eventually he bought me closer and since he knew me so well (he was the sole person that knew about my pain) he simply said " Sammi, just listen to this ok, listen to this once through for me" so that night I did as I was asked! I remember crying all night long and as I sat there, cried a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, and from then on, Josh is the only thing I listen to. I don't know what it was his soothing voice, the power and emotion in his songs but whatever it was helped me a lot! I've stopped thinking about death; I've been a lot happier! I had stopped eating before but now I'm perfectly healthy! So I guess you could say Josh saved my life but I know that really it was Josh and my best friend James! Thanks guys you're both my heroes!

I'm a senior in high school and looking through colleges to go to, I have applied to some and have been accepted to some, but at the time when visitations came, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. There has always been two loves in my life, to study history, and music. And it came a time for me to decide what I wanted to do. I am in so many activities right now so it's hard to add anything to the group. But, when I had reached my breaking point, I met two angels. I met this Grobanite at my school and we began to become good friends because of Josh, and the other was Josh. She is the best soprano in our school, she has this intangible beautiful voice, and that I know will grow to be ready for opera...any day now. And she introduced me to her vocal coach...and her coach had me sing for her and she told me that I should be taking lessons to guide and teach my voice. I like to take that as a compliment. I had before lost my love for music, I had been to competitions and been taking voice lessons from this one man, but I didn't think I was good enough. And I just...gave up, my last solo I cried all the way through the song. I quit my vocal lessons. Then, I was introduced to Josh by my brother, and met two angels when I heard him and met my new friend. When that vocal coach told me that I should be taking lessons, I decided to try again. That night I listened to "Let Me Fall" and cried my eyes out, because it was as if that song was talking about me, I had to get up because the one in the future will be strong for me now and carry me through. I have been taking voice lessons since and now I'm going for a major in voice performance in college! I'm hoping to get in a school of music, wish me luck! Thank you so much Josh and Renee

My parents got divorced when I was 11 (I'm 13 now) and it was really hard for me. I was very depressed. Not too long after they divorced, I was introduced to Josh's music and it helped me a lot. I know I'm really young, but right after they divorced I thought about killing myself or running away, which was incredibly stupid of me because I would've missed out on the friends I've made here. In a way, it's the Grobanites that are here that have kept me alive. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I know you don't know it, but you did. My dad and I argue everyday and it's gotten (still does sometimes) to the point where I want to runaway, but I just listen to Josh and come to the boards and it all goes away, I feel so much better. Listening to the lyrics of Josh's songs, they're just wonderful.

I don't think he changed my life in a big way, compared to other people. When I first heard his voice, I thought to myself, "Hey, this guy is pretty talented", and I've maintained an interest in his work ever since. I just happen to be one of those people who likes music, and Josh brings a refreshing change to a music industry populated by fake glamour pop divas. He seems genuine.

No other musician has affected me the way he does. His voice can relax me and lift my spirits while making me cry at the same time. And I mean that in a good way.

Here's the short version:
My relationship with my husband has improved 100%
I've lost 56 pounds
I'm much more outgoing and open to people
I've traveled all over North America
I've made SO MANY friends among Grobies. I have friends all over the country and even a great Grobie friend in France.
I have learned not to be shy or embarrassed about my hobby. If they ask, I tell people straight out about Josh. If you're going to put so much heart and soul into a project, there is no room for embarrassment!
I have learned not to be shy or embarrassed about my hobby. If they ask, I tell people straight out about Josh. If you're going to put so much heart and soul into a project, there is no room for embarrassment!

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