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Why people should listen to Josh Groban

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Name: Rachel Edwards
Title: Why people should listen to Josh Groban?
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to listen to Josh Groban
Central Idea: Reasons why people should listen to Josh Groban is because it motivates people to learn foreign languages, gives them greater appreciation of music, it leads to new friends ships, he is a musician and a songwriter, it inspires people with courage, and helps with general depression and sadness associated for death of loved ones.
Organizational Method: Persuasive Strategic Plan

I believe Josh Groban has the most beautiful voice, and is the best singer and that everybody should listen to him. Most people have never heard of Josh Groban or have never heard him sing. Josh Groban's music is really genreless. The critics have had a hard time placing him in any genre. The critics have called him pop, classical, classical-pop, opera, popera, or even grown up pop. The stores don't know where to place him. Either I've found him in rock, pop, classical, and easy listening sections. You have probably seen him on TV before if you have watched Ally McBeal he was on two episodes of the show in 2001 at the beginning of his career. His next big appearance was at the 2002 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony where he sang right before the extinguishing of the torch. His most recent appearance was when he sang a tribute to the NASA Columbia Astronauts at Superbowl XXXVIII. I have talked to and interviewed Grobanites, which are Josh Groban fans; I have also used some articles and interviews for my research. I will discuss the reasons why I think people should listen to Josh Groban's music.

Josh Groban sings in English but he sings a lot in Spanish, Italian and in French

I.) With the beauty of his voice, it makes people want to learn the foreign languages that he sings in.

A.) For example, Josh Groban's music can help motivate
people to start taking foreign languages again.
1.) To quote Harriet an interviewee, Hearing his gorgeous Italian, Spanish, and French pronunciation has renewed my interest in other languages

B.) His music can also motivate people to want to learn foreign languages.
1.) I quote from Rachel, I also want to learn Italian, Spanish, and French, so I can understand what he sings in those languages, as I understand him when he sings in English.

Josh Groban's music goes from appreciating music in other languages to appreciating music in general.

II.) Josh Groban's music has given some a greater appreciation of music.

A.) Quoting Heather another interviewee, I have a greater appreciation of music in general now because of his music. I was never really into classical music, but his mixture of classical and pop and whatever else he throws in there has caused me to actually give it a chance

Through meeting other Grobanites online, at Meet and Greets, at concerts and appearances, Grobanites have formed a special kind of relationship.

III.) Grobanites meet and become friends because of one common bond, their love of Josh Groban's music. They meet on message boards, in chat rooms, through instant messengers. There are Grobanites of all ages, all nationalities, and all backgrounds. The Grobanite friendship is special to them because they always have someone they can talk to about Josh Groban and express their love for him and his music.

A.) Annie an interviewee said it is because of Josh and his music that I came to know the Grobanites through the boards. I wish I could tell you how much it means to me to be able to share back and forth with all of the Grobies from the different walks of life, young, old, and in between I really have a deep affection for my fellow fans.

If you are a person whom likes singers because they play their own instruments and write their own music, well Josh Groban is one of them.

IV.) On Josh Groban's second album Closer he had more freedom to write lyrics and music and play instruments for the album.

A.) He wrote lyrics for two songs Remember When It Rained and Never Let Go, he co-wrote music for three songs Per Te, Remember When It Rained and Never Let Go. He also played the piano for Remember When It Rained and played keyboards for My December.

V.) With songs like Let Me Fall and Never Let Go Josh Groban's music has given people courage to do things they are afraid of and help them to reach for their dreams.

1.) Lyrics from the song Let Me Fall like "Someone I am is waiting for courage... the one I want, the one I will become will catch me." and "There's a moment when fear and dreams must collide." Myra an interviewee said the words triggered something in me and I knew the time had come to face those fears and move forward For 20 years she wanted to go back to college and get her graduate degree but had been afraid of failure. This song gave her courage to do just that.

2.) In the song Never Let Go, when Josh sings "Face the truth to realize all that we can be... torn apart by rage and fear, hold on to what brought you here, and don't let it go." Myra also said, I'm telling you, it's as if he read my mind and my heart and was speaking directly to me in those lyrics. The fact that he wrote this song makes it so meaningful. It just confirms my feeling that God uses Josh to heal, inspire, encourage and otherwise change people in positive ways.

VI.) Josh Groban's music has helped people with their depression either them being suicidal or because of many other reasons. His voice is so beautiful and soothing it begins to heal the wounds and you become happy again.

A.) The song To Where You Are has helped a lot of people deal with the deaths of their loved ones.
1 Bon an interviewee said this talking about dead mother; There isn't a time when I hear To Where You Are that I don't cry but it's also comforting to know how it made her happy to hear him sing. Sometimes I just feel like she's here listening right along with me

In summary, I think people should listen to Josh Groban's music because, it motivates people to learn foreign languages, gives people a greater appreciation of music, leads to new friendships, he is a musician and a songwriter, it inspires people with courage, and it helps with general depression and sadness associated with death of loved ones. Warner Bros. creative director Jeff Ayeroff says, Groban has a natural talent that inspires people. I have shown how listening to Josh Groban's music has helped and changed peoples lives for the better, it can do the same for you if you let it.


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