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I went to the concert with my Mama. We left right after lunch, for Manassas, Va., which is where the hotel that we were staying at was. It took us longer than it should have to get there because of the traffic. It rained on the way there so that was part of the traffic problem. Once we got the hotel when my Mama and I were taking out things up to our room we met two Grobanites that were sitting in the lobby. One of them noticed the Josh buttons that I was wearing. The two ladies that we met were Marsha (vintagedress) and Mary (EnjoytheRide).

After talking with Mary and Marsha my Mama and I went to T.G.I Fridays for dinner. This was our first time going to one since we are from a small area. After dinner, we went back to our room to crash for the night. The next day we got up early to go to D.C. my Mama was going to visit a friend and I was going to do some sightseeing.

When we got to D.C., my Mama dropped me off at the Smithsonian Information Center; I was going to walk to the art museum. It was a good thing that my Mama dropped me off where she did because the museums didn't open until 10am and we got there a little after 9am. So, I went inside the Smithsonian Information Center and looked around. Then I took my time walking over to the Art museum since I had plenty of time to get there I decided to not take the main/front entrance and enter from the back of the museum. When I got there, I still had to wait about 5 minutes. The Art museum is huge you could get lost in there the way the rooms weave in and out like a maze. I was about to go into one room but nothing was in there, and a guard standing at the door leading to another room saw my confused look and said, "It's in here." When I walked passed the guard I said, "I could get lost in here.", and then the guard said, "I almost have." After I finally was done wondering around the museum, I made my way to the gift shop I bought a magnet of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Starry Night. Vincent van Gogh is my favorite artist, and Starry Starry Night is my favorite painting. By this time, it was about 11:30am and I had to find a phone to call my Mama. She gave me a calling card number so I could call and we could then plan when and where to meet up. I found a phone and it was in a phone booth. Calling from a phone booth was so exciting for me. Because where I'm from we don't have phone booths. In order to get to the exit of the museum there was a moving sidewalk. I didn't have to take the moving sidewalk but I wasn't in a hurry it would take my Mama a while to get to the museum, and my feet hurt and I didn't want to walk any more, and I believe I have only used a moving sidewalk once before and I wanted to go on one again.

After my Mama picked me up, we got lunch and then headed back to the hotel to get ready. Before he went to the hotel we went the Michael's a craft store to get us some silk yellow roses to wear to the concert. The lady that made us the rose corsage did a very good job. When I got up to our room, I ironed my clothes. I had forgot to write down what time the Meet & Greet started so me and my Mama then went down to the room were the Meet & Greet was being held. We found the room and Mary C. and Connie and I think another Connie were setting up. As my Mama and I were about to leave and go back up to our room to get ready, Kirstie and Amy came in. Kirstie won backstage passes to meet Josh through Friends of Josh Groban. They had just got there and since they weren't staying at the hotel they need a place to get ready for the concert and wanted to use someone's room. So me and my Mama offered our room for them to use, me and my Mama were going up to get ready too any way.
While getting ready Kirstie showed us the Journal and the Hymn book that she was going to give to Josh. I then saw the letter that I had wrote for Josh laying on my bed that I was hoping to find someway to give it too him. When I saw the letter I hit me that Kirstie could give Josh the letter for me. Kirstie was happy to give Josh the letter, she said she was going to put it inside he book to hand it to Josh. It was wonderful to know that Josh was going to get my letter.

When we were all ready to go, we went downstairs to the Meet & Greet. We found a seat. I turn around and saw Heather and Laura. I had been wanting to meet Heather, we had known each other online for a while now. I knew it would be easy to spot her since her would be with her twin sister, and it would be easy to spot twin blonde girls. So, I went over and introduced myself.

I then got some food and me and my Mama got some raffle tickets. By the time, we were done eating it was time for the door prizes and raffle. First was the door prize drawing. I was surprised when I won a door prize because I don't usually win things. I got to go pick out my prize I picked out a Josh Snow Globe, I picked it because it was different and it would be cool to have.

Next, there was the raffle, there were three sections of raffle that we could have put tickets into. I put to tickets into the section that had the posters, one tickets in the one with the shirts. When Mary C. got to the section raffle section that I put two tickets in the first ticket that she called out was mine. I went up and picked out a poster of the cover of the Closer CD. Then a few tickets later, I won again! This time I picked out a mug with on one side a picture of Josh in a black turtleneck and on the other side the Josh smiley face. Then the auction was held. After the auction, we left to go to the concert.

I was suppose to be meeting a friend at the concert I had her ticket so I couldn't go in yet. My mama went in while I waited for my friend. After my Mama went inside she got us both a tour t-shirt and a program. I really appreciate all that my Mama did for me this weekend.

The concert started at 8pm and I waited for my friend so show up until about 8:30, by that time the opening act had ended. I then decided to go on inside to see the concert. I left my friend's tickets at will call so if and when she got there she could still get them.

I went inside found my seat and waited for Josh to come out. Before Josh came out, I talked some with the lady that sat beside me. This was her first concert. She brought something to the concert that I didn't think about bringing and should have, she brought binoculars. The lady let me and my Mama use the binoculars once during the concert, which was very nice of her.

Our seats were a lot better than I expected them to be. We were also sitting really close to the Jumbo Tran, which was awesome. Josh opened the concert with Oceano again. That really is a great song to open with; it is so powerful and energetic. I don't remember what songs were done in what order. I all went by so fast. I love Canto Alla Vita, when Josh played the drums at the end. After Josh was done at the drums and was back at the front of the stage, he was kind of bouncing in place with a really big grin on his face I could tell he just had a lot of fun playing the drums.

There were so many funny things Josh said; one of my favorite quotes from the concert was this:

Audience member: I love you!!!!
Josh: I love you too!
Audience member: We love you more!!
Josh: I love you more too!

He did some funny things too in between some songs, the mic was in the mic stand and Josh put one hand on the mic stand and started moving the mic up and down in the stand making a squeaking sound. I though want is he doing. He stopped for a few seconds, looked around and began doing it again. Then after a doing it some more he said "Okay, enough of that." It was so hilarious. Josh also mention about the rainy day that it had been and said "Rain is good luck to me."
I loved seeing Josh play the piano again. He played the piano twice at the concert during the encore he came out just him no other band members, and sat down at the piano and performed "America" Josh also performed "Remember" at the concert. When he was introducing the song, he stopped and said, "What was I talking about again?" I screamed out "Remember" and I know a lot of others in the audience did the same. While he was, singing scenes from the move "Troy" were played. I felt like I was in a music video. Like the kind that you see singers doing when the song is from a movie and the video shows them singing at a concert and in the background on giant screens, scenes from the movie are playing and then the video shows just the scenes of the movie, then goes to just the singer singing. That is what that performance of "Remember" reminded me of.

The concert was just amazing I don't know what else to say about the concert itself. Josh was just amazing at the concert it was just too short.

After the concert was over my Mama and me when down to near the stage where there were some Grobanites that we knew down there and we were also hoping to find out where we could see Josh get on his bus. When we were down there I saw Heather and Laura. I got my picture taken with Heather. Then they started making their way to the parking lot since it would take Laura a long time since she was on crutches.
Then my Mama and I went over to where a bunch of people were standing at the VIP entrance. We were all eventually told to leave so we did. On our way to the parking lot, I saw a promotional poster about Josh's concert and I took a picture of it. Then as we continued to the parking lot, we saw Heather and Laura again and we stopped to talk to them. There was a golf cart that was taking people who could not walk to the parking lot, but it didn't have enough room for them. Just as they were starting for the parking lot, again, another golf cart came along, they got on and my Mama and I continued to the parking lot. We finally go the front of pavilion where the guest services booth was and there was Heather and Laura again. They were getting Laura's wheelchair from guest services. This time I took a picture of both of them together. We walked out the gate with them and we said bye and went to our different parking lots.

After some traffic, we got back to the hotel and went back to the Meet & Greet room where we all were meeting again to talk about the concert. After a little while people started to leave. My Mama went back up to our room. I went up with my Mama then I came back downstairs to wait for Kirstie and Amy to get to the hotel since their things were still up in our room. When I got down stairs I found a bunch of the Grobanites that I met in the, I guess it would be called the business room at the hotel. It had one computer with internet connection. They were on the Friends of Josh Groban site posting about the concert. Not too much longer Kirstie and Amy got there, and they told us all about meeting Josh. Some of us had found out right after the concert that the radio contest winners for the Josh backstage Meet & Greet were cancelled for reasons nobody really knows. We heard different reasons why it was cancelled. We all met MargoK that was at our Meet & Greet before the concert that was one of the radio winners. Margo came by where we were, and everybody tried to make her feel better. I think what did the most for Margo was Kirstie taking time with her and hugging her.

After a little while longer by this time it was close to 1am, Kirstie, Amy and I went up to mine and my Mama's room to get their things. They still had around an hour to drive that night. Before they said good-bye they told my Mama about meeting Josh. Kirstie assured me that Josh got my letter. It feels so good to know for sure that Josh has the letter that I wrote to him. Kirstie gave me her e-mail address. We hugged bye, and they left. My Mama and I then got ready for bed.

The next morning my Mama let me sleep in. She got me up as she was going down for breakfast. I got my shower and joined her. The dinning area was pretty much occupied by Grobanites. Later after me and my Mama checked out we saw a few of the Grobanites that we met still in the dinning area and went over to see them. The ones that I remember there are Harriet and Mary. We said our good byes and we left.
Before heading home, we went to D.C. so my Mama could visit a friend. After her visit, we started to head out of D.C. However, I decided that I wanted a picture of the Vincent van Gogh panda bear that was near the Art Museum. After trying for a while we finally found it and I got my picture quickly. Now we were on our way home. We did one more fun thing on the way home. We decided to take a short cut home and take the ferry across the Chowan River that borders our county. The ferry is a small two-car ferry. It was a fun thing to do. It had been a long time since I had taken a ferry.

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