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by: Bonnie L. Dagsen (Eskimo2)

Friends of Josh Groban websites
Reside his fans the Grobanites
We all confess we love our Man
A true obsession we understand

Everyday our members grow
To spread the Josh as we go
Most are women and some men
From age eighty down to ten

We are famous and in the news
To see a glimpse we pay dues
A secret password enables us
Form our bond and our trust

We are loyal and very strong
Dedicate lives all year long
We assure that people know
Who we are at every show

We log-on with news to tell
On the boards where we dwell
Post for hours until mid-nigh’
Or drop-in to just say hi

His voice inspires as no other
From the man we try to mother
Our single gals want to wed
The married must dream instead

We have mascots who “Mroof”
They are Llamas as our proof
Sweeney meets beloved pets
In the “Times” by Iracette

When bored, the games we play
Threads spun to pass the day
Anxiously waiting, oh my gosh
For a message from our Josh

We’re afflicted with serious ills
Run a fever that has no pills
Post-depression when off tour
And Grobanitis with no cure

Scruffaholics pledge to him
For the scruff he doesn’t trim
Cabooseaholics eye his jean
Flappaholics for skin we’ve seen

Canada provinces far and wide
Join this journey on his ride
Wales and England ask a chance
Visit them as well as France

The Scotland and Ireland clans
Across the miles to Japan
Nova Scotia, Spain, and Peru
Puerto Rico, Norway, and Timbuktu

Hungary, Australia, the Philippines
All the countries in between
The United States is confident
For every state we represent

Diverse lives we all come
To his charm we’ve succumb
Secretaries, teachers, nurses too
Firemen, lawyers, student or few

Engineer, banker, interior design
A driver of bus or airline
Plumbers, gardeners, and artists
Singers and cops join our list

The Josh Foundation we go out
Help less fortunate is no doubt
Energy combines as we share
Of our time and our care

“Pink Lids” for cure is our belief
Mercy Corps for Tsunami relief
Toys for Tots with Marines
Tender Totes & Heavenly Dreams

Grobanites for Charity on the line
JG store items he will sign
Per Te cookbooks, gifts galore
To fight AIDS through 46664

The auctions at Meet & Greets
Holiday baskets with tasty treats
The handmade blankets to be sewn
For the children who are alone

The Christian Grobies on a high
An Angel singing is their tie
Beautiful voice inspires hope
Gives them faith so too cope

A Garden Club nurtures fun
Growing plants in the sun
Friendship blooms as a rose
Symbol to the man we chose

Golden Grobies are not told
That over sixty is too old
To love a man thrice his age
Keeps them young and in a daze

“Where is Josh” news we lack
Our minds will surely crack
Not far from tree of Groban
A Nut Club soon began

Poet Society rhymes to say
Words we write every day
Poems express how we feel
The intimate thoughts we reveal

Weight loss our personal gain
Cut calories and exercise pain
Recipes tried and doctor tips
To lose pounds from our hips

Protect environment in his name
Litter free highways are the aim
PA Grobies walked the roads
Bagging trash of heavy loads

In newsletter we’re apparent
Stories and art show our talent
“Grilling Groban” is suffice
Questions answered with advice

Cardboard Josh can’t compare
Travels here and travels there
Rides in car and flies on plane
Quietly stands and won’t complain

The many hours we all spend
While a home life is suspend
Husband patience as our HOG
Children too our family COG

Now you know who we are
For our King we’ll go far
At his command and his whim
We’ll oblige and do for him!

Made by NCGrobanFan (Rachel)