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by Yasmeen Suffo
You are an angel, you are my angel.
You are my breath you are my words.
You are the moon light in the nights.
You are who I need, you are who I need.
I believe in you because I breathe.

I am waiting for you
I am waiting for you

I dream in the day I will be with you
I dream of the day my eyes will meet yours
Nothing in my mind, no one in my heart

Only you, only you
I am waiting for you
I am waiting for you

I wrote with you the love stories
I built with you our dreams

But you don't know

I always feel you beside me
You are always with me

But you don't know

And you know the hardest thing
In the world is to wait and I am still waiting
And you know the most beautiful thing
In the world is the hope and I live to hope.

Made by NCGrobanFan (Rachel)