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Delilah: "They (Grobanites) live in a cyber world called Grobania"
Josh Groban: And I'm their King...Don't be afraid Delilah...just give in"

"Your voice is one of the best voices God has ever made he used some of his best ideas when he put your voice in your throat."
- Delilah

"The exact reasons why your music has such influence I suppose I'll never know. It may be the richness of the voice, or maybe a trueness of character that is conveyed through the voice."
-  Michele, (lunaticfriend)

"If there is evidence to be cited as to the goodness of God, fate, nature, or whatever you believe in, it is the fact that the world has been bestowed by such a voice as Josh Groban's."
- Lawrence Lewis, in a review at

"Josh is part of Heaven brought down as a gift from God"
- Hope

"God has given us a great gift in the person of Josh Groban"
- Nancy (joshfanlv)

"I believe God sent us Josh because He knows what this world needs today. It's a "Good Thing".
- AOL member Peabo2000

"Josh can yawn and people will be moved"
- DJ from LiteFM

"Josh's voice soothes, uplifts, and seduces."
- Larry Kessler

"His is a natural instrument, one that embraces soaring melodies that border on arias, tapping the passion within with an ease that invites great admiration."
- Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"he has the voice of an angel--you have to say Celine, Whitney, Barbara and Josh in the same sentence"
- David Foster

"he couldn't be anymore powerful"
- Celine Dion

"It was a world class surprise, from a world class voice, it raised everybody up."
- Oprah about the surprise birthday performance of "You Raise Me Up" Josh Groban gave her.

"...he doesn't go out of his way to "sell" a song; he prefers just to sing it."
- Richard Dyer of the Boston Globe
on Josh Groban's singing

"His voice is what hope would sound like if it could sing"
- ohmyjosh

"If velvet could sing it would sound like Josh Groban"
- Michelle Johnson

"Groban's voice is truly a thing of beauty"
- Thomas Bond, East Valley Tribune

"I happened to hear a clip of Josh Groban singing recently, it was a promo for his concert on AOL to be broadcast July 11. Man, that dude has a voice. Power and passion. And he's still young. When he matures those vocal cords will be have the strength to knock over a freight train. And he knows how to use his voice, too."
- James Maguire

"Humble, romantic and oddly sexy, this guy has it going on in every which way."

And while they are mostly female and Groban is a young man, they don't dwell on how "cute" he is. Says Clarke matter-of-factly, "Depending on what light you get him in, he can be pretty photogenic or pretty dorky-looking."
- David Barton -- Sacramento Bee Staff Writer

"At times there are no words to describe Josh and his music"
- Rachel Edwards

"He's got the goods. I know he does. I think one thing is going to happen: In five years, you're just going to say the name Josh, and there is going to be no other Josh, it's going to be Josh Groban."
- David Foster

"Whether in concert, on CD or simply resonating in the hearts and minds of those who hear it, Closer is a collection by a vocalist and songwriter who understands that intimacy is the first prerequisite in the art of communication. "To me, these songs present something beautiful," he concludes. "Sometimes they're personal and sometimes you can just appreciate the story, even if it's not mine. It all comes from the same place." On his new album, Josh Groban has brought us Closer to that place."

"Everyone should have this CD!"
- Oprah

"he has shown that 'fame' can be had without 'shame'"
- Pat Barboza

“It takes someone very special to have you FELL THEM without being touched. I can feel Josh somewhere in the middle of my chest when his music touches me.”

- Liz (MyOcean)


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