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I first saw/heard of Josh when he preformed at 2002 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony. I had never heard of him up until that point and since he sang mostly in Italian, I assumed that he was Italian. After that, I had heard him sing on the radio but I didn't know who it was because the station never told who was singing or the name of the song. I just assumed that the singer was a middle-aged man singing a song from some Broadway show.

It wasn't until July 11, 2002 that I found out who that voice belonged to that I had been hearing on the radio. I was watching Oprah with my mama. The show was about child prodigies. He was the last guest. Right before he came out he song "To Where You Are" that I had been hearing on the radio started playing. My mama and I looked at each other and said it's That Voice. Then he came out, and we were amazed to find out that that voice came from him. We were socked and amazed to find out that, The Voice that we had been hearing on the radio came from someone so young!

After the show, I searched his name on Yahoo and found his official website. At that time on his website, you could listen to his whole CD. I pick the first song on the album that was in English, "You're Still You" to listen to first. My little brother who was 8 at the time came into my room and looked at me and asked "Rachel why are you crying?" At the time, I didn't realize I was crying. I said to him "it's so beautiful" referring to Josh's voice and the song.

Later that week I went out and bought his CD. I bought it right before work, I got to work early, and I just sat in the car and listened to the CD. That was a happy moment. I was floating the whole night at work. That night someone could have had said something really mean to me and I would have just said "that's nice" and thought nothing of it. That's how much of a good mood listening to Josh's music made me feel, I was on cloud 9. I now had Josh Groban's CD, and I could just keep hearing his music in my head it was wonderful.

Josh Groban's voice is the best sound that I have ever heard. It's almost as if his voice was made so my ears could hear it. Josh's voice is so uplifting. When I'm depressed, all I have to do is play his music and I smile. His music is very relaxing it's good to listen to after a bad day. I love to emotion that Josh puts into singing his songs. After I hear "Broken Vow", I want to give him a sympathetic hug and after I hear "When You Say You Love Me", I want to give him a kiss of love.

My life is a lot better since Josh Groban came unknowingly in to my life. I have a lot more friends now thanks to the message boards. You Grobanites are great!

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