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Full Name: Joshua Winslow Groban

Parent's are: Jack and Melinda (Lindy) Groban

Brother: Chris Groban

Ethnic heritage: Russian/Polish(Jack) & Norwegian(Lindy)

Birthday: February 27, 1981

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Brown and Curly

Instruments: Drums and piano

His favorite color: Dark Blue and Black

Pets: Has two dogs, one is kind of dumb and falls into the pool, one Cairn terrier/Toto dog(tan NOT black) that has the run of the house
(am I remembering that right?)

Height: Is 6' tall when not slouching

Shampoo: Uses Pert or whatever is in the hotel room

Doesn't do anything to his hair, just towel dries it.

Saves everything.

Likes sushi w/blueberry sauce ...he tried that in Canada.

Wears contacts.

Favorite Food: Sushi w/ blueberry sauce, herring, and cheese, Rice Krispie Squares

Favorite Restaurant: The Farm, in Beverly Hills

Favorite dish there: Corn chowder and tuna plate

School: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Theatre, 1999; attended Carnegie Mellon University/musical theatre program; also when younger founded a comedy troop; AND attending the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp

Acting Experience: 2 guest appearances on Ally McBeal

Loves irreverent movies & humor: ex- Monty Python & Saturday Night Live

Favorite show: THE SIMPSONS

Favorite character: comic store guy

Favorite website: the onion

Favorite musical artists: Pavarotti, Domingo, STING, Paul Simon, Linkin Park,Disturbed, System of a Down, Bjork, Afro-Celt Sound System

Favorite Disney Movie: Lady and the Tramp

his friends think of him as "Silly Josh";

three people he'd love to meet & talk to(living or dead) are Paul Simon, Bjork & Bob Marley;

Favorite tennis players=Pete Sampras & Venus and Serena Williams

Favorite CD=DEBUT by Bjork

Favorite late night TV=David Letterman & Conan O'Brien

Albums: Self-titled debut release date, November 20, 2001/143 Records, Closer release date November 11, 2003

Has recorded duets with: Sarah Brightman, Charlotte Church, Lara Fabian, Barbra Streisand

How he would describe himself: He says he can only think of negative things but then says "Somebody who loves music". Then he goes on to say that he's a romantic at heart. He finds it difficult to express himself romantically but is able to do it through his music and singing. Has become a "computer geek" & likes to "veggie out" playing video games; hopes to return to college or audit some classes in 1-2 years

Josh's Management Team: Manager: Brian Avnet
Management Coordinator: Lynne Malone
Producer: David Foster
Website Wizards: Jon Masciana and Row Oshini
Tour Manager: Ken Denson
Voice Coach: David Romano

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