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Interlochen, MI
Right after Oceano was finished, he took a flying leap off the stairs and ran over to one side of the stage and yelled "CAMPERS!!!!" and then some more campers on the other side stood up, and he ran over there and yelled "MORE CAMPERS!"

After Tariqh played a song center stage, Josh made a comment about trying to get him to wear the camp uniform, but he wouldn't give up the leather pants.

After he played the drums on Canto...after all the applause (maybe even an ovation) he just sort of shrugged his shoulders and said "just a little something I picked up here"
Camden, NJ
"I was given the key to the city before the show tonight - so, watch out! I'll be driving around in my tour bus later, unlocking everybody's doors."
Mansfield, MA
"You'll have to excuse me, I'm a little silly. I was eating all this candy before the show...."

"Ooh Gatorade. In the Dark." *sings a little tune* Gatorade, in the darrrk*

When he yelled up to the crowd on the lawn: "Wow, there's like a 2 second delay"
Saratoga Springs, NY
"I love the rain. This is the first show we've done in the rain so, I'll remember it always."

He told the people out on the lawn "I had someone take an aerial view picture of all the umbrellas"

There were girl's screaming in the crowd and he sings,
"We have a singer in the crowd!"
Wantagh, NY
"Do you want to go swimming...maybe later."

"Wow there's a lot of water here, I'm going to have to get used to this."

"Nice jacket, I have to get me one of those, Go Yankees"
Holmdel, NJ
"Go Nets!"

"Cricket Country!"

"Gatorade, the breakfast of champions."

"Towel Time", when he used the towel to wipe off his dripping face
Bristow, VA
Audience: I love you!!!!
Josh: I love you too!
Audience: We love you more!!
Josh: I love you more too!

He did some funny things too in between some songs the mic was in the mic stand and Josh put one hand on the mic stand and started moving the mic up and down in the stand making a squeaking sound. I just though want is he doing. He stopped for a few seconds, looked around and began doing it again. Then after a doing it some more he said "Okay, enough of that."

Introducing the song "Remember", "I wasn't in the movie but I sang in the credits, the strongest singers sing in the credits."

When he was introducing the song "Remember", he stopped and said, "What was I talking about again?" I screamed out "Remember" and I know a lot of others in the audience did the same.

(Someone screams long)
"There's a singer in the audience, supported screams"

"There's the Light Stick Section. You guys would make Don McClean proud"...this said after Vincent.

"Look there's signs and everything and jeans with my name on them, aw that's nice."

"Let's hear it for Spanish"

"Tariqh wore his leather pants in the rain tonight, he's a risk taker"

"How"s everybody doing on the lawn, you get blue stickers."

"Rain's good luck to me.

"We've had fun!"

"I like sad songs. I mean some of the sadist sad sad saddening sad fail English? Umpossible!"

"There's a lot of love in the house tonight..........*evil grin* and I like it."

"Thanks for the scarf"
Pittsburgh, PA
[It was raining during the whole show] "Okay, who did the rain dance? [a man gets up and starts to dance in aisle (I think; I couldn't really see)] "Oh, thank you, sir..."

"How are you all back there on the lawn? [Lawn crowd cheers] A bit soggy? [cheers] I feel really bad... kinda makes me want to bring you all up to sit on the stage with me! [audience goes wild] ...Weeellll, we'll see if it passes!"

"Give it up for Tariqh! Wearin' his leather rain pants tonight... sorry, I think I left mine on the bus or something... [crowd goes nuts] (whispers) I don't really have any!!"

[someone throws a Pixie Stix up on stage, almost hitting him!] "What's this? A Pixie Stix!! [pretends to rip it open with his teeth and gulp it down] [smile] I'll save this for later... [puts it in his pocket]"

[Girl in front row says it's her mom's b-day] "Oh, what? It's your mom's birthday? Well, happy birthday! [girl asks him to sign their program] Ah. [to audience] You guys don't mind, do you? [crowd cheers as he signs it]"

[comes out for 'America' encore] "This is something I started to play in NYC... but you'll have to forgive me if I mess up!"

"You know, I went to college not to far from here... [Crowd goes ultra-crazy] Yeah, Carnegie Mellon University..."

[Someone yells, "I love you Josh!"] "I love you more! [Goofy grin] [Crowd goes insane]"

"[Growl!] I dunno, I'm feelin' kinda wierd tonight... it's like, the gremlins or something! IT'S IN THE WATER!"

"I'm drawn to sad songs... I don't know why..."
Columbus, OH
While introducing YRMU, he talked about all the events at which he'd sung this song. Then he sort of looked up "thinking," put his index finger on his chin and said "Was I at the Superbowl? I don't remember. Something happened at the Superbowl, but I can't remember."

Between songs, he noticed someone in the front row (lucky person) with a "University of Grobania" sweatshirt on (it was chilly in Columbus that evening!) He said to them: "Well congratulations on being accepted!" Then he stepped back a little and said in a really nerdy voice, "Today's lecture will be about the influence of the Spanish language in music." (or something along that line) Then he snapped back to Josh and said, "Oh, it's a made-up school, for Pete's sake!" Adjusting the microphone, he took a breath and said "I'm such a dork"

When someone yelled out "I love you, Josh!" He said, "I love you too. I love you all so much I can hardly stand it!"
Detroit, MI

He looked down at the first row and said" wow you're really close I don't think they have ever been this close, sorry if I salivate on you"

Then Josh had said, to people sitting in the front row, "I am sorry if I am salivating on you." A woman sitting in front must have pointed to her friend, and he was like "oh I should salivate on her."

After many people yelled out I love you josh he said, "I love you more." Then responded with "I could gag on all the love in here, but I won't"

A man yelled out something, but I am not quite sure what that was, and Josh yelled "Go Tigers!"

Chicago, IL
When Josh was acknowledging the people in lawn seats. He said " How are you guys doing out on the lawn" and then he said "Don't worry, I can see you" then he turned around and sort of under his breath said "Even though you can't see me, that is why I am wearing orange."

When the audience were cheering really loud and Josh said, "Wow! I wish I had some great dance moves to back that up...but I don't"

"MMMMM, water!"

When he started to play America, he said. "If I forget the words just sing along or forget the music just come up and play piano, I don't care."
Cincinnati, OH
Someone in the audience yelled, "I love you Josh!" and he replied, "Oh, I love you too!" and someone said, "We love you more!" and he said, "Well I love you more too!" Then there was some silence as he walked around stage for a few seconds, and he added, "I wish there was something I could do when someone says they love me. I don't know, like an I love you dance or something." *josh does a little dance on stage*

He said, "I can aaallllmost touch you... but I can't." (talking to the first row) then a girl yells, "yes you can!" and he said "Oh alright." and he leaned down and a girl ran up and gave him a high five.

Everyone who attended the M&G was given glow sticks so there were quite a few of us with the same color sticks. When josh noticed them he said, "Oooo, light sticks! They're in their blue period."

When he sat down to play "America" he said, "this is something I played on a whim in New York. I might mess up. If I do just bear with me...come play the piano or something..." or something along those lines.

Dallas, TX
After Per Te, he said "DALLAS! whoo!" then "Rock on!" with the rock on hand signals (you know, you tuck down your middle and ring finger and thumb, and your pinky and pointer stick up) and he said "LETS ROCK OUT!" then said..."Well..soft rock, maybe.*laugh*"

When someone shouted, "You rock!" He said, "I rock? DALLAS ROCKS!"

After Mi Morena when he introduces Tariqh, the crowd went wild. And he said "Wow, they love you! OWWWWWWW" (that was hot!) then said:
"And Tariqh is sporting the leather pants and cowboy boots for Dallas!" and Ashley screamed: "Josh, where's your leather pants?!?" And he goes " leather pants? well. I put them in the wash and they came out this big, so.." (he made a measurement of about an inch with his fingers" then said something like "so there was a bit of a problem with that" or something, don't remember.

After Canto he said "that was fun" twice.

Then made a funny face looking at the 1st row saying "Wow you guys are close...reaaaalllly close."

"How are you guys on the lawn?" *lawn people scream* he said then "I can see you! even can't see me.." Then he said he this funny almost high-pitched voice "Having a picnic" then "Wish I could be on a blanket...having a burger and a coke...sitting under the, clouds." it was really funny.

Then after another song, the crowd went wild and he goes "We have some singers in the audience!" *more screams* then he said, "Lets here some soprano screams!" *soprano's scream* then he laughed a lot.

He was introducing "Remember" to Troy, and said, "I did this song for Troy...No, I didn't audition...well, they didn't even let me audition! But that's okay, I kept a helmet." then someone (don't know if it was Ashley or not) yelled, "Where's your helmet" and he said: "'s in the wash with my leather pants..."

At the Dallas concert, he randomly screamed out "DAY-O!" And when everyone repeated him he said, "Just checking!"

"How are you in the front row?"
...screams from the crowd...
"and what about you on the lawn way back there?"
...louder screams from the back...
Josh then hesitated, grinned and sang out:
the crowd automatically responded:
Houston, TX
Audience members yelled out "YOU ROCK!" And he said back, "You guys rock, too! You rock my face off!" And then a second later he says "Man, I'm such a dork."

He was sitting at the piano about to start playing and someone yelled out "We love you Josh" to which he replied," I love YOU! As a matter of fact, It GAGS me how much I love you guys!"
Denver, CO
He asked the audience the stand up and sing Happy Birthday to his Dad. After the song, he told the audience that they were on key.
Las Vegas, NV
Someone in the audience yelled out to Josh:
"Did you get the basket?"
Josh replies... "The basket? The basket? YES!!! I sat in it! Tariqh carried me around. It was fun! Thank you!"
Anaheim, CA
"The next song I am going to sing is from the movie Troy. I was in the movie (he laughs)...didn't you all know? But no... I do have a sword so sometimes a like to pretend."
Concord, CA
Background: My 7-year old daughter gave Josh this blue, Paul Frank sock monkey, which he seemed to like cuz he played with it for a minute, and then put it on top of the piano. During the show, he looked out to the lawn and asked "How you doin' out there in the grass?" (roar) "I know you can't see me, but I can see you. I can feel the love", (with hand over his heart). Then he said, "My monkey feels the love". Then there was a long pause which he followed up with a high pitch "WOOPS!" with a slight blush to his cheeks, said "Best not to go there" and then he cleared his mind.
Auburn, WA
During a break between songs, people from the front row were coming up to the stage and Josh was shaking their hands. There was a little boy up there and after Josh asked his name, he said, "I have to sing a song now." And then something about the security along the lines of:
"Security, no problems here. One thing security actually has to do is say, 'NO! No mosh pit! Get back, you'll hurt somone!' " - he pantomimed catching someone as they fall and carrying them back to the piano- "Oh, she fainted."

Talking about the crowd in general, "There are a lot of people here. It's so flattering it's scary."

"I could gag, there's so much love in here."

"Just having a little jam session up there." Talking about the bit of "Canto Alla Vita" in which the stage lights dimmed and when they came up again, Josh was playing brilliant drums.

He was talking about how much fun he was having and he said something like "I could stay here all night" and the crowd went wild. He kinda jumped back "hahah can't do that...I lied" and he hit his head against the mic.

When everyone was waving their light sticks...he was like "Yah, you guys are in the 'club'".

At the Tucson concert there was a guy who screamed "I love you josh!" and josh was like "well, thank you sir!" it was too funny.
Live at the Greek DVD
"How’s everybody feeln’ tonight?
*audience cheers*
Whoo-Hoo, that’s good to hear. Los Angeles, beautiful, beautiful Los Angeles. We are so extraordinarily excited to be here tonight I can’t even tell you it’s really an honor to be here at this great stage at the Greek Theater. We’re excited and we're sad at the same time, we are um so excited to be finally here in LA, but we're sad because it's the last show of the entire tour and um….
*audience goes awe*
"I know, I know cuz' we got, we got nothing else besides this really, so I don’t know what’s gonna’ happen tomorrow, I think we’ll just...I’ll just start a book or something"

“Thank you for making it such an incredible tour, and I’m so honored that we are taking tonight to document it for PBS so that we can have it, *audience cheers*
“so we can always remember it.”

"This is a song that I had the great privilege of doing on a show called Ally McBeal a few years ago. Thank you, it was fun, I had a good time on Ally McBeal, it was uh, a chance to get out of the music world for a little bit, not that I had been in it for more than about a month and a half but..."

“On the guitar ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tariqh Akoni! Wearing the leather pants, just for Los Angeles”
*Laughter from the audience*
“I’m feeling really goofy tonight…I’m sorry I-I”
*Walks backward kind of runs in place. A girl then walks up to the stage and hands Josh something…*
“Is this for me? Thank you. Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you, thank you. It’s Goofy!
*the girl had given Josh a Goofy doll*
“Cause I’m feeling goofy, what a co-winki-dink. Let me put this up here with Tariqh’s other toys, he’ll sit there and dance.”

"We so badly wanted to do a song in Spanish and we'd found this song called “Just Walk Away”, which was...obviously, done in English and um"

After “My December”, he pointed to the people in the nosebleed section and said, "How's everybody doing way up there? I can see you, even if you can't see me." then he said "Its alright, I feel the love and its frightening and wonderful" then he spoke to the people in the front row "and you guys are close, hi, how are you? You guys are reeeally close, there's hardly any room between us really, I could just step out and GAAAAA! Hi!” he yelled as two ladies ran up to shake his hand...."but I won’t"

Then: as people were yelling "I love you" and stuff he said:
"I love you too, thank you. Um this is a song that I have loved...
*from audience*
"I love you more!” and he said "I love you more too, I, thank you" then he tilted his head to the and smiled. "It’s a party tonight! Whoooo, it’s a good thing I had that Pixie stick before the show, man, cuz I feel like dancin'" and did this little dance. He then said, "I definitely won't be doing that"

Introducing “Caruso”
“This is a song that I’ve loved ever since I was a little kid, I had no idea what it meant then, and I do now.”

"This is a song by a writer I’m sure you all have heard of named Don Mclean, uh who's yeah amazing"

After “Vincent”, he made this little glow stick waving motion and went "whooo-hoooo! Wave ‘em if you got ‘em! Is it even a starry night out tonight? I can’t tell
*tries to looks at sky*
do we have stars in Los Angeles?
*audience “Yeah”*
We do? All right, just checking. Good. I’m sheltered so I can't, I can't see"

“How’s everybody doing on the sides here?”
*the sides cheer*
“Hey, stereo!”

“...a movie called Troy that came out a few months ago.
*audience cheers*
"yeah, yeah! Good movie...I was not in the movie,
*audience moans*
I know, I know! Tariqh thinks I’m strong. Other than that
*makes a muscle with arm*

"Thank you very much LA! For making me feel so much at home tonight, and I am home"

"LA-zone, we don’t want to leave, we're having a uh, an extraordinarily good time, so uh *shrugs* maybe we won't"

“This is um, the song that I’ve had an amazing time doing in the last year and it’s one especially since I love sad songs I’ve just always been more attracted to the sadder melodies, or the sadder lyrics, this is so the opposite of it. It is an optimistic kind of tribute to anything or anyone that helps raise you up to everything you can be on a day-to-day basis. And um I’ve been able to do it at the Superbowl at Oprah’s birthday, and all sorts of good stuff, tonight this is for your guys, thank you Los Angeles for being so great, this is “You Raise me Up”

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